The past two weeks my kiddos learned all about measurement. We practiced length, height, weight, time and temperature. Today we had the chance to rotate through four engaging centers to practice these skills.

The first station was How Many Hearts Tall Am I?:Measure1

Here is a student who’s partner laid out all the hearts next to him to see how many hearts tall.


HeartspaperAfter they counted how many hearts tall they were, they used this paper to fill out. They wrote the number for how many hearts tall they were and drew the hearts against the line to show how many hearts tall they were. (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of this completed.)

If you’d like to use this in your classroom, you can find this as a freebie in my TPT store. Just click the link at the bottom of the post.



The second station was the clock mat station. Students used the floor clock mat to tell time to the hour. Each student took a turn making a time on the Time1clock as the other students wrote the digital time.

This was simple and fun! They like taking turns being the teacher and changing the time. All students were engaged and enjoyed doing this. I highly recommend teaching with a clock floor mat.

I’m sad that our new Virginia SOL’s for 2018 have taken away time to the hour because this is one of my favorite skills to teach in math.

You can find the clock here if you’d like it for your own classroom: (I am in no way being endorsed by Learning Resources) It’s quite pricey but students will thoroughly enjoy your time lessons using it.

The third station was How Many Cubes do you Weigh?:


This station had two balance scales. Students were to find objects to place in the bucket and see how many cubes it weighed. This was very easy to set up because I let them choose things around the room and their was no prep for me. It was a win-win for the both of us.

These balance scaled were purchased from the school through Learning Resources as well. You can find these here: (Again, I am in now way being endorsed to write about these products from this company)



The fourth station was the Frog Jump station:

Frog2Frog1 Students really enjoyed this station! These frogs were purchased from Target several years ago. Students started on the tape line, set their frog, then estimated how many cubes it was long.

Students used the Frog Jump Measurement worksheet  that you see in the picture to the left.

This worksheet can be found in my TPT store for free as well. If you’d like either worksheet from this post, you can click the links below to download them.

Heart Tall Worksheet

Frog Jump Worksheet

I hope you can use some of these ideas in your classroom. Thanks for stopping by!


100th Day


It’s been awhile since I have blogged but we FINALLY had our 100th day in January this year, even it was the 31st! Here’s a look at our morning 100th day snack! It’s nothing fancy but was quick and they loved it! I have one student say, “this was the best morning snack EVER” and “this was such a yummy snack”. And it was only 1 cracker and two peanut butter sandwich crackers!

Here are a few of the activities we did on our 100th Day! Students brought in their 100 Collections. We had gummy bears, sea animals, legos and bags of random stuff! It was fun watching students count all of their items with their partners.

100Count     100coun3

numb100Students also had the chance to rotate through 6 stations through out the day! They had checklists that we used and hole punched when they went to each station just incase we couldn’t remember which rotation they didn’t get to. You can see the checklist (yellow paper) in the right picture.

Students practiced writing their numbers to 100. This was great practice for students counting and writing their numbers.



Here were a couple students using the number 100 to create their own 100th day pictures. They came out SUPER cute this year and I forgot to take a picture here and add it. They were so creative with this, we had lions, faces, helicopters, sharks, and much more!



foodStudents also made a 100th Day snack mix. This was their favorite as food is always a winner in Kids HEARTS (and mine too). They had to count 10 different foods and place them on ten, ten frames.

We had a fun day but we were all exhausted by the end! I hope you enjoyed some of the fun excitement in our room.

Thanks for stopping by!