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Happy Monday!

My school district has a currently has a Chromebook Initiative which has finally made it’s way down to K. Our school’s original plan was tablets, but we were informed in January that we’d be getting Chromebooks like 2nd-5th already had.

Our Chromebooks arrived at the end of February and my kids are OBSESSED! We have used them for our current programs i-Station, i-Ready, and PowerSchool. Our ESL students even use it for Imagine Learning. Students can access other programs such as abcya and starfall too.

I’m just as excited to get rolling on creating products that can help my students and yours too! We just finished our money unit with counting coin collections to 10 cents so I decided to create QR Math Task Cards.

Check out my QR Math Task Coin Cards:


Here are the QR Coin Task Cards. There are 12 individual cards with coins for students to count. Once students count the coin collection, they will use the worksheet to write down their answer. After they do this they can scan the QR code to check their answer.

These coin task cards go up to 10 cents. They are mixed with pennies and nickels.



Here is a picture of what students see when they scan the QR code after they count their coin collection.

Below you will see the worksheet they use to write down their total. coincollwkst

This is the worksheet students will use to record their answer before they check them. If students want to check their whole worksheet they can scan the code at the bottom to check their own work and correct it to hand in to you.

This can be a way for them to assess themselves and see what they need to work on. You can have them hand it in and easily check it.


The picture to left shows the answer key scanned for them to check their work!

If your interested in this pack, you can check it out in my TPT store, just click the link below:)

Here is the link:

Coin QR Task Cards

Please email me if you have any questions about QR codes @ littlekinderlove@gmail.com

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