Sight Words Galore


Hello! It feels like it’s been forever since I have posted! I have been very busy with my Morning Tub Arrival Tubs, Daily 3 Math Games, Math Puzzles AND….lots and lots of Sight Word Packs.

Our school has Intervention Groups this year and every 5 weeks, we regroup students amongst all 5 classroom teachers based on student needs. This time around I chose the sight word intervention group and I have spent a lot of time creating activities for them. Below you will see different products that have been useful and fun!

Here is a spinner game where students will choose their sight words, spin the spinner and try to build their words before their friends. This can also be used independently too!


This game is SUPER EXCITING because students can play with PLAY DOUGH! My Kinders are in love with play dough this year and they have loved using these building mats during word work station and at intervention. It’s also great for writing practice and sentence building using the sight word.


This is another play dough sight word activity where students are given the play dough letters and students will roll the play dough to match them. When they finish they can write the word and a sentence to match.


The last few products are a few I have created this year that I have placed at our Word Work station. They are all engaging and fun activities your students will be sure to love. Check them out below!

 BattleSw  SwBoard



I hope you find these games and activities useful in your own classroom. All of these can be found at my TPT Store Little Kinder Love. Be sure to follow me because I have two new sight word packs in the works and I don’t want you too miss out!

Thanks so much for visiting.