It’s true..the struggle is real.


Well it’s December 29, 2018 and the last time I took a moment to blog was March of this year. As I reflect back this year of being absent I was prepping and preparing the best I could to become a new a mommy and still working as a full time Kindergarten teacher until I went on maternity leave at the end of April. Then on May 5th I was blessed a beautiful baby girl named Harlow Brielle.


I was fortunate enough as a teacher to stay home with her until August before starting a new school year with my Kinder kiddos. Up until them it was days and days of learning how to be a mom, wife, and learning how to balance mom life and trying to prep for a new school year.

Let me tell you it was tough! Tough learning how to be a mom, not being scared, nervous, afraid of anything happening to the little one and making sure she was taken care of..all while trying to learn to breast feed and pump but not being successful as I didn’t produce enough milk. The tough feeling of having to switch to formula as the hospital makes you feel terrible if you don’t breast feed but learning that the most important thing is your child being fed and being healthy!

Raising a little one is tough..tough on your body, tough on your emotions, tough on your sleep, tough on your overall daily life. I wouldn’t ever leave the house as I was too worried she’d start crying and I wouldn’t know what to do. The first three months were the toughest to adjust to even if Miss Harlow was a great sleeper and happy baby!

I let time get away from me with snuggles, naps and laying around. It was hard to see a messy house and take care of Harlow by myself as the hubby works an hour away..but its been almost 8 months now and I am enjoying her play, crawl, pull herself up, babble, say mama and dada, wave and see her personality shine!

Looking back it was an exhausting new experience but one I’m glad I got to have. It took us a few years to get pregnant and I truly feel for all those who struggle to have a baby. Just remember life will bless you at the right time.

I’ve learned  to enjoy every minute with little squish as I can’t believe she turns 8 months in a week. When people say they grow so’s true.

As I look at 2019, I’m excited to get back into blogging, creating more for teachers and continue watching my little one grow into a little girl!


Thanks so much for stopping by..the struggle is real as a teacher, wife and mommy…your not alone.

Happy New Year!