Grab-N-Go Boxes


Happy First Day of Spring! I’m so excited to finally share a blog post about my grab-n-go boxes! These are perfect for small group stations, intervention groups, literacy and math stations or early finishers. There are so many ways they can be used!

Each set of grab-n-go boxes have 6 centers (some may have 7) included in each the literacy and math sets. I have included worksheets to use for each activity that can be laminated to be reused or you can have students use a recording sheet to turn in. These are completely optional and don’t need to be used at all.

Take a look at my Spring Edition Grab-N-Go Boxes below!

SpringM6 SpringM

Here are the 6 Spring Literacy and Math activities. There are 7 available in the Spring Math Edition! Check below for a detailed look at several of the activities.

Butterfly Beginning: Students will cover the butterflies that have the same beginning sounds as the letter on the caterpillar.


Crunchy Carrot Words: Students will stretch out the picture on the bunny and use the carrot letters to make the word.


Rainy Day Digraphs: There are two mats for each digraph; beginning digraphs and ending digraphs. Students will place the rain drops on the mat with the correct digraph sound.


A Garden of Graphs: There are tally tables and count and color graphs (bar graphs) included.


Coin Counting Caterpillars: This activity includes counting pennies using the inch worm to find the total.CoinCat

Carrot Counting Craze: Students will count the carrots and find the matching number.CarCouM

All of these activities do include worksheets that are optional for students. It’s your choice if you want to use them or not. They can even be laminated and reused over and over too!

I hope you found this post full of information and ideas of what my grab-n-go boxes include and look like. Thanks so much for stopping by to check them out!

If you are interesting in purchasing these or any other ones I have created check out my TeachersPayTeachers account at Little Kinder Love.

Much love,