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Happy Sunday! A couple days ago I posted my Math Interactive Notebook: Unit 1-Numbers 1-10 pack. I decided to create interactive printables that were all on one page and perfect size to fit a composition notebook. Most things I’ve used in the past were a lot of work to prepare as I had to shrink down the notebook pages and be interrupted often because students forgot what to do.

Well..not any more! Why you ask? I have created one page activities that include the interactive pieces and….PICTURE DIRECTIONS!


Each activity includes picture directions at the top of the activity as well as picture cards to hang in your math notebook center area. (See Above Photo) These can easily be placed on a bulletin board or wall.

It’s a great idea to go over each picture with students when introducing Interactive Notebooks. Then later they can use them as a reference if they forget what to do.

Here is a quick look at the activity page. Notice at the top you see the picture directions for students.Apples

All activity pages are on one page including the pieces you need. These are the perfect size for composition notebooks and spiral notebooks. All you have to do is print and go!


I hope you find these activities easy and fun for your kiddos too! I plan to make many more units to come, keep an eye out for more coming soon.

If you’d like to check these out you can find them at my TeachersPayTeachers store: Little Kinder Love. All you have to do is click the link below and it will take you there.

Math Interactive Notebook: Unit 1

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The past two weeks my kiddos learned all about measurement. We practiced length, height, weight, time and temperature. Today we had the chance to rotate through four engaging centers to practice these skills.

The first station was How Many Hearts Tall Am I?:Measure1

Here is a student who’s partner laid out all the hearts next to him to see how many hearts tall.


HeartspaperAfter they counted how many hearts tall they were, they used this paper to fill out. They wrote the number for how many hearts tall they were and drew the hearts against the line to show how many hearts tall they were. (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of this completed.)

If you’d like to use this in your classroom, you can find this as a freebie in my TPT store. Just click the link at the bottom of the post.



The second station was the clock mat station. Students used the floor clock mat to tell time to the hour. Each student took a turn making a time on the Time1clock as the other students wrote the digital time.

This was simple and fun! They like taking turns being the teacher and changing the time. All students were engaged and enjoyed doing this. I highly recommend teaching with a clock floor mat.

I’m sad that our new Virginia SOL’s for 2018 have taken away time to the hour because this is one of my favorite skills to teach in math.

You can find the clock here if you’d like it for your own classroom: (I am in no way being endorsed by Learning Resources) It’s quite pricey but students will thoroughly enjoy your time lessons using it.

The third station was How Many Cubes do you Weigh?:


This station had two balance scales. Students were to find objects to place in the bucket and see how many cubes it weighed. This was very easy to set up because I let them choose things around the room and their was no prep for me. It was a win-win for the both of us.

These balance scaled were purchased from the school through Learning Resources as well. You can find these here: (Again, I am in now way being endorsed to write about these products from this company)



The fourth station was the Frog Jump station:

Frog2Frog1 Students really enjoyed this station! These frogs were purchased from Target several years ago. Students started on the tape line, set their frog, then estimated how many cubes it was long.

Students used the Frog Jump Measurement worksheet  that you see in the picture to the left.

This worksheet can be found in my TPT store for free as well. If you’d like either worksheet from this post, you can click the links below to download them.

Heart Tall Worksheet

Frog Jump Worksheet

I hope you can use some of these ideas in your classroom. Thanks for stopping by!


Daily 3 Math Kindergarten Style


Hi ya’ll! I thought I’d share my newest baby; DAILY 3 MATH GAMES! I enrolled in a class with my school a few months ago and this began my adventure for games that my students can play during Daily 3 Math Stations. I currently have October and November completed for Math by Myself and Math with Someone.

One person even left this feedback “I loved the October set, I had to buy the November set :)” This is exciting to see a teacher and their students enjoying these games.

Here are ways I organize my stations:


The clear envelopes are from the Dollar Tree. They were a $1 each and I bought 4 green, blue, pink and purple. I color code each game (Math by Myself are green envelopes and Math with Someone are purple).

I bought clear adhesive document pockets and stuck them to the front of the envelopes. Here is a link on Amazon, I think I bought mine through Target.

The direction sheet is put in the adhesive display pocket for easy access. This also tells students the materials they will need for the game. Above you will see the directions for More War.

If you are interested in my Monthly Themed games, please visit my TeachersPayTeachers store at Little Kinder Love. Here is the link for the November Daily 3 Math Games:

It’s important to review and play games with students prior to placing them into a math bin. This way they will be successful and you won’t be interrupted when you are in a small group:)

Check back later this week to see my kiddos using our November Daily 3 Math Stations!

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