Morning Tubs in Action


Wow! It’s been such a long time since I’ve last posted but I wanted to spend time sharing how I use and incorporate Morning Tubs in my classroom.

I have currently created Morning Tubs for the Whole Year that are engaging and have NO worksheets! I have all of my morning tubs stored in manila envelopes. The games are printer 2 per page and place on 6×9 manila envelopes, then laminated. Below you will see an example of September activities on manila envelopes. These are placed in the big envelope for storage.IMG_4920

This past year I had a plastic drawer cart that had 7 plastic bins. I placed 2 games in each bin(1- math, 1-literacy) each day and each table had 4 kiddos, so 2 would share 1 game. Each table and bin were labeled with the same Forest Animal (this was my theme) and each morning the Team Leader got the bin out.


Every evening my classroom aide would rotate the games so each day students would get different games to use each morning. This is great because each week they got to play every game and they didn’t get bored.

Here is a game from the September pack where a student is practicing his fine motor skills following the lines to get to school.


Here are some other pictures from my morning tubs through out the year too! Check them out below.IMG_4641

This is from my March Morning Tub Pack. Students use pattern blocks to create a pattern for the cat’s hat.


Here students are using the rain drops to create the word in the cloud. This is great word work:)


These are always a favorite! Students use popsicle sticks to place the flowers in the correct pots. I have two games that use popsicle sticks like this through out my packs!

These are just a few examples of the different activities you will find in my morning tubs. Each month is different to keep students from getting bored. I go over all games the first Monday of each month, then Tuesday they begin them. This has done wonders for my classroom this year!

If you have any questions on how I run my Morning Tubs, please email me at I’d be more than happy to give you suggestions and ideas.

If you’d like to take a look at these, you can find them here at my TPT store: Little Kinder Love.

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Morning Tubs


Happy Sunday! I decided to do an updated post on my Morning Arrival Tubs. My students have used them since September and it’s truly been a lifesaver this year!

I currently have September-April completed in the growing bundle. I do have all the months for sale individually as well, if your interested!

Here are some of March Morning Tubs in action!

This game is called ‘Pot o’ Coins Collection’ and there are two versions available. This picture shows a version where you match the coins to the correct value. The other version they will have a value and an empty pot where students can use coins to make the amount.


This game is called Leprechaun Leaping Addends. This game students are finding the missing addend.


This game is Weather Words where students practice stretching out CVC words and using the raindrops to make the word. This is great word work practice.


Here’s another activity Sill Cat in Hat Patterns. This is where students will use pattern blocks to create patterns in the Cat’s Hat.


These activities are only just a few of the ones that come in March Morning Tubs. Each morning tub pack includes 4 math and 4 literacy activities.

If you are curious how I organize these I print the game covers 2 per page, cut and glue them onto 6×9 manila envelopes and laminate them.

I have the kids use these envelopes to put the games back in for easy clean-up and to keep things organized. If you want a cheaper way, you could always use plastic baggies and keep activities in them.

I hope you find these perfect for you as your student arrive each morning. Here are what others have said:

“This is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted skilled based morning work activities that I did not need to have worksheets for. I love that they are themed by month so the kids will never get bored.This is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted skilled based morning work activities that I did not need to have worksheets for. I love that they are themed by month so the kids will never get bored.”

“I love these bundles… its very useful to my morning arrival routine.”

“Love these, morning tubs have totally changed my morning routine!”

If you’d like to purchase these you can find the Growing Bundle Here. Each individual pack is listed in the details section.

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Morning Arrival Tubs


Over the past couple years I have been thinking about what I could do to engage my kiddos in the morning when they arrive. I’ve done worksheets one year and hated it, I had attendance, folders to check and lunch count to do and checking papers and not being able to support those who needed help didn’t make sense.

Last year I skipped morning work and gave them a chance to be social with their peers on the carpet but this became more of a behavior issue..thats when I decided to do Morning Arrival Tubs. They aren’t worksheet based but engaging activities where students can practice different skills with numbers, print concepts, rhyming, etc. I started them this past week and I LOVE them! My kiddos are engaged and everyone has been sharing the materials and its been wonders. Check out pictures below of how I organize and use my Morning Arrival Tubs.

I use a 9×12 manila envelope and laminate my Morning Arrival Tub cover on the outside. I take all of the game covers, print them 2 per page and laminate them on a 6×9 manila envelope cover (see below). I forgot to take a picture of the big manila envelope with all the small ones. I’ll try to add that next week.

Mat4   MAT3   MAT2    MATP

The Craft Cart I use is by Sterilite that I bought years ago and I couldn’t find it anywhere to link it but any tub will work. I like them because they aren’t a drawer but an actual container they have to open. I place all materials needed inside the drawers. There are two activities per drawer except one. Each day I move the activities down to the next drawer and rotate so each day they get a new activity. I will do this each week. I also have Kindergarten Morning Tub Rule Posters above the tubs for a reminder.

Here are some of the activities in action from this week.


Students were working on counting 1:1 to 15, print concepts from left to right and fine motor skills. Students stayed engaged the whole time. I only have them working on the these at most 15 minutes.

MAT10   MAT5

Here is two of the fine motor activities in the September Morning Arrival Tubs. You can check out the other packs on my TPT page: I have September, October and November done thus far. I hope to have a whole year’s worth done by June 2017.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and maybe even give my Morning Arrival Tubs a try this year! Feel free to email me any questions you may have at