Technology Tip


Many of you have been purchasing the HP Instant Ink printers, but if your anything like me you had a different printer prior to buying a new one.  I was sad to find out that my old printer and me new MacBook Pro didn’t work together ( there was no Mac software for it.) This is why I purchased the HP Envy 5540 and was overly EXCITED when I found out there was a way to still use my old printer with my MacBook. Yes, I did keep my old printer because I own a the HP CP1215 Laser Jet too and it has the best printing quality and can’t give it up..yet!

Even if you got rid of your old printer, here is an awesome trick even if you want to print from your personal computer to your school printer…Ready?

Introducing: Google Cloud Print

It’s so simple to link all the printers you want right to Google Cloud Print and you can print to any printer that you link..Here’s your how-to:

STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: Click either Classic Printer or Cloud ready Printer (whichever one works for you).

STEP 3: Follow their Step-by-Step’s very simple;)

I hope you enjoyed this tip! I sure wish I knew this before so I could connect at school!