Fine Motor Tubs


I’ve been wanting to share my Fine Motor Tubs with you all and decided a blog post would be best to explain! I began creating these this Summer when I realized my students needed extra practice with fine motor skills. Each month I got more and more excited and decided to continue them through the year. So far I have September-January completed and currently I am working on February..yay!

There are the same fine motor skills from September-December which include clothespins, popsicle sticks, snap cubes, color links, writing, scissors, stickers, beading/lacing, play dough, and tweezers. Here are some activities from my October Fine Motor Tubs.

OctWriting OctShapes

My newest pack in January I have switched some of the tubs with different skills. These tubs include clothespins, popsicle sticks, snap cubes, color links, writing, pattern blocks, salt box, beading, play dough, and tweezers. Below you will find several pictures of the activities!

JanSaltBox JanPatBlock

The salt box is always a fun activity but it helps them with letter formation and a tactile way to do it. The pattern blocks are a fun way to engage in visual discrimination and manipulating the blocks.

JanClothespins JanBead

These two are a great way to get kids using their fine motor skills in their fingers! The clothespin activities and beading take some extra practice. The clothespins should be tied together with white yarn and the sight word beads would have white pipe cleaners to string on.

These are just a few examples of how my fine motor tubs work. All tubs have picture direction cards for students to use in case they forget what to do. The plastic containers are from Target and they were found during back to school time. You can get them online at Target and they are called Sterilite Pencil Box-Clear. They are 1.99 each.

I hope you find these activities exciting and engaging for your little ones too! I know my kiddos have loved them this year and have been very successful as they arrive.

Thanks again for stopping by! If you have any questions about my Fine Motor Tubs please email me at I’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions:)


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