100th Day


It’s been awhile since I have blogged but we FINALLY had our 100th day in January this year, even it was the 31st! Here’s a look at our morning 100th day snack! It’s nothing fancy but was quick and they loved it! I have one student say, “this was the best morning snack EVER” and “this was such a yummy snack”. And it was only 1 cracker and two peanut butter sandwich crackers!

Here are a few of the activities we did on our 100th Day! Students brought in their 100 Collections. We had gummy bears, sea animals, legos and bags of random stuff! It was fun watching students count all of their items with their partners.

100Count     100coun3

numb100Students also had the chance to rotate through 6 stations through out the day! They had checklists that we used and hole punched when they went to each station just incase we couldn’t remember which rotation they didn’t get to. You can see the checklist (yellow paper) in the right picture.

Students practiced writing their numbers to 100. This was great practice for students counting and writing their numbers.



Here were a couple students using the number 100 to create their own 100th day pictures. They came out SUPER cute this year and I forgot to take a picture here and add it. They were so creative with this, we had lions, faces, helicopters, sharks, and much more!



foodStudents also made a 100th Day snack mix. This was their favorite as food is always a winner in Kids HEARTS (and mine too). They had to count 10 different foods and place them on ten, ten frames.

We had a fun day but we were all exhausted by the end! I hope you enjoyed some of the fun excitement in our room.

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Gingerbread Week


Gingerbread week is such a fun week of teaching! My students enjoyed all of the books and our Gingerbread Oven craft we made this week. I read a Gingerbread story each day this week and they responded in their Gingerbread Book by drawing the setting, characters and ending of the story. Here are the books I read this week:

GBMan1 gbear gbgirl Gbloose bak

You can find some through Scholastic and all on Amazon. After I read a story each day students filled out the setting, characters, and ending of each story.

GBBookYou can find this book at my TPT store, here is the link if your interested: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Gingerbread-Story-Setting-Characters-and-Ending-2250621

There are several choices for Gingerbread stories available in the pack.

At the end of the week, we created a Gingerbread Oven Craft to go along with our Gingerbread week. The students use scrap paper to recreate the events of the original Gingerbread Man story and place in on the story paper inside their oven.


OvenIf you are interested in this craft, it is in my TPT store. http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Gingerbread-Man-Oven-Book-Craft-2255195

My kiddos loved this craft and were super excited to take it home!

To finish our Gingerbread unit, students made gingerbread houses. We used the school milk cartons and students brought in frosting, graham crackers and candy for their house. Here are some of the houses my students made:

house7 house5 house1

There was frosting in hair, all over clothes and and chairs and tables, that’s how you know they had GREAT time!

And lastly, I sent home a family project to disguise their Gingerbread Man from the fox and they came up with some cute creations, check them out:

D2 D3 D4

We had some cute gingerbreads that were saved from the fox. I hope you enjoyed all of these fun ideas!


Daily 3 Math Kindergarten Style


Hi ya’ll! I thought I’d share my newest baby; DAILY 3 MATH GAMES! I enrolled in a class with my school a few months ago and this began my adventure for games that my students can play during Daily 3 Math Stations. I currently have October and November completed for Math by Myself and Math with Someone.

One person even left this feedback “I loved the October set, I had to buy the November set :)” This is exciting to see a teacher and their students enjoying these games.

Here are ways I organize my stations:


The clear envelopes are from the Dollar Tree. They were a $1 each and I bought 4 green, blue, pink and purple. I color code each game (Math by Myself are green envelopes and Math with Someone are purple).

I bought clear adhesive document pockets and stuck them to the front of the envelopes. Here is a link on Amazon, I think I bought mine through Target. https://www.amazon.com/Avery-Top-Load-Display-Protectors-74404/dp/B00006IC83

The direction sheet is put in the adhesive display pocket for easy access. This also tells students the materials they will need for the game. Above you will see the directions for More War.

If you are interested in my Monthly Themed games, please visit my TeachersPayTeachers store at Little Kinder Love. Here is the link for the November Daily 3 Math Games:



It’s important to review and play games with students prior to placing them into a math bin. This way they will be successful and you won’t be interrupted when you are in a small group:)

Check back later this week to see my kiddos using our November Daily 3 Math Stations!

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Morning Arrival Tubs


Over the past couple years I have been thinking about what I could do to engage my kiddos in the morning when they arrive. I’ve done worksheets one year and hated it, I had attendance, folders to check and lunch count to do and checking papers and not being able to support those who needed help didn’t make sense.

Last year I skipped morning work and gave them a chance to be social with their peers on the carpet but this became more of a behavior issue..thats when I decided to do Morning Arrival Tubs. They aren’t worksheet based but engaging activities where students can practice different skills with numbers, print concepts, rhyming, etc. I started them this past week and I LOVE them! My kiddos are engaged and everyone has been sharing the materials and its been wonders. Check out pictures below of how I organize and use my Morning Arrival Tubs.

I use a 9×12 manila envelope and laminate my Morning Arrival Tub cover on the outside. I take all of the game covers, print them 2 per page and laminate them on a 6×9 manila envelope cover (see below). I forgot to take a picture of the big manila envelope with all the small ones. I’ll try to add that next week.

Mat4   MAT3   MAT2    MATP

The Craft Cart I use is by Sterilite that I bought years ago and I couldn’t find it anywhere to link it but any tub will work. I like them because they aren’t a drawer but an actual container they have to open. I place all materials needed inside the drawers. There are two activities per drawer except one. Each day I move the activities down to the next drawer and rotate so each day they get a new activity. I will do this each week. I also have Kindergarten Morning Tub Rule Posters above the tubs for a reminder.

Here are some of the activities in action from this week.


Students were working on counting 1:1 to 15, print concepts from left to right and fine motor skills. Students stayed engaged the whole time. I only have them working on the these at most 15 minutes.

MAT10   MAT5

Here is two of the fine motor activities in the September Morning Arrival Tubs. You can check out the other packs on my TPT page: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Little-Kinder-Love. I have September, October and November done thus far. I hope to have a whole year’s worth done by June 2017.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and maybe even give my Morning Arrival Tubs a try this year! Feel free to email me any questions you may have at littlekinderlove@gmail.com.


Technology Tip


Many of you have been purchasing the HP Instant Ink printers, but if your anything like me you had a different printer prior to buying a new one.  I was sad to find out that my old printer and me new MacBook Pro didn’t work together ( there was no Mac software for it.) This is why I purchased the HP Envy 5540 and was overly EXCITED when I found out there was a way to still use my old printer with my MacBook. Yes, I did keep my old printer because I own a the HP CP1215 Laser Jet too and it has the best printing quality and can’t give it up..yet!

Even if you got rid of your old printer, here is an awesome trick even if you want to print from your personal computer to your school printer…Ready?

Introducing: Google Cloud Print

It’s so simple to link all the printers you want right to Google Cloud Print and you can print to any printer that you link..Here’s your how-to:

STEP 1: Go to https://www.google.com/cloudprint/#printers

STEP 2: Click either Classic Printer or Cloud ready Printer (whichever one works for you).

STEP 3: Follow their Step-by-Step directions..it’s very simple;)

I hope you enjoyed this tip! I sure wish I knew this before so I could connect at school!


A Summer Start


I’ve been working hard to get my blog running, and it’s FINALLY happened! After 5 days of being on Summer vacation, I’ve been working on some new decor for next year. Here is a glance at what I’ve started:

If you like these you can find them at my TPT store: 

Burlap Alphabet Posters & Burlap Word Wall Headers

Since this is my first blog post on my new blog, why not do a giveaway? 

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