I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! I’m so excited post today to talk about my new Calendar for PowerPoint! If your like me at all, I am always changing my mind each year with things digital and paper.

Well, Calendar ┬átime hasn’t been any different! Each year I change my mind and go from a wall calendar to a SMARTBoard file and I finally have decided that I needed a digital calendar that I loved.

I’ve spent a lot of time creating this calendar and I love it! I will show pictures and discuss each slide and their will also be a video as well to show you it in action. Are you ready?

Here we go…Introducing Little Kinder Calendar! Here is the cover of the calendar you will see first. The black go box is where you will start. Just click it and you will be on your way.

Slide01Next, you will see a slide with all of the months of the year. These are all linked so you can just click each month and it will take you to the correct slide.Slide02Once you click the month you will see the calendar. In the calendar slide you will not be able to be in Slideshow. Unfortunately, PowerPoint doesn’t have a drag drop feature to make it interactive in slideshow. The teacher will need to copy and paste the numbers needed for the day. This should be very easy to do and quick once you end slideshow.

Slide03In calendar, you will see the calendar with numbers along the side to drag over (once copied and pasted) and the rectangle which can stay on the day your on. The icons along the bottom are activities that you can use to be interactive with. You just click the picture and it will take you to different things. The only one that is a website is shapes which will take you to the internet. You must have internet access to use.

After calendar is done you will click next and it will take you to the 5-Day Forecast. Students can use this slide to drag the weather for the day. Again, you will need to be out of slideshow to use this feature. Once finished click the slideshow icon at the bottom of powerpoint and click next.

Slide05You will move into days in school slide. You can use the tally marks at the bottom to drag once you exit slideshow.

If you have a SMARTBoard, you can use the ink layer and write on the slides too.

At the bottom of the calendar there were icons you could click for activities as mentioned above. Here are some examples of the slides you will see.

Slide06This is to use with number of the day and you will need to be out of slideshow to interact with. If you have SMARTBoard, you can just ink layer over and write on it.

Once of my favorite activities in here is the Math Talks: Subitizing. Two years ago my school did a book study on number talks and it was a great way to get kids thinking about numbers. This year our new Virginia SOL’s now have it embedded in K curiculum.

This is an example of the choices you will have.Slide07

There are at least 15 slides per activity that you can flip through to practice number talks. These are a great foundation for number building.

There is more in the calendar and I have a short video clip that shows you some of it in action. Just click the link for the video below to see more. FYI This is my first video, ahh! It’s so strange listening to yourself:)

I hope you find this helpful and useful in your classroom. If you have any questions please email me at I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
This calendar is available on my TeachersPayTeachers Store at Little Kinder Love.
Thanks so much for stopping by!

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