Gingerbread Week


Gingerbread week is such a fun week of teaching! My students enjoyed all of the books and our Gingerbread Oven craft we made this week. I read a Gingerbread story each day this week and they responded in their Gingerbread Book by drawing the setting, characters and ending of the story. Here are the books I read this week:

GBMan1 gbear gbgirl Gbloose bak

You can find some through Scholastic and all on Amazon. After I read a story each day students filled out the setting, characters, and ending of each story.

GBBookYou can find this book at my TPT store, here is the link if your interested:

There are several choices for Gingerbread stories available in the pack.

At the end of the week, we created a Gingerbread Oven Craft to go along with our Gingerbread week. The students use scrap paper to recreate the events of the original Gingerbread Man story and place in on the story paper inside their oven.


OvenIf you are interested in this craft, it is in my TPT store.

My kiddos loved this craft and were super excited to take it home!

To finish our Gingerbread unit, students made gingerbread houses. We used the school milk cartons and students brought in frosting, graham crackers and candy for their house. Here are some of the houses my students made:

house7 house5 house1

There was frosting in hair, all over clothes and and chairs and tables, that’s how you know they had GREAT time!

And lastly, I sent home a family project to disguise their Gingerbread Man from the fox and they came up with some cute creations, check them out:

D2 D3 D4

We had some cute gingerbreads that were saved from the fox. I hope you enjoyed all of these fun ideas!


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